The Palms Tree Service Inc. has completed hundreds of jobs utilizing cranes to facilitate the safe removal of difficult trees and tree limbs. Many trees in the residential neighbor hoods are located in back yards or between homes or even worse, so diseased and hazardous that crane removal is the safest method for our crew and your property.

"We Save Trees", does not always apply. Trees have life spans and do require removal; others just developed structurally flawed and or diseased and also need removal. In any case the removal of large trees is a safety issue and statistical data indicates that crane removal is far safer than climbing (based on accident reports). We have done hundreds of crane removals throughout Florida and wherever disasters have occurred. We have the experience and confidence to help you. If your tree looks like a crane removal situation call us

Trees are a beautiful addition to your home environment. Everybody loves to enjoy the shade a tree provides on a hot summer day. Tree shade can even help reduce the costs associated with cooling your home. However, many are unaware of the hazards trees can pose to you, your family, and your home. Older trees are especially problematic not only due to their age, but also because they may have been placed in a dangerous location. Even if your trees appear to be completely healthy, there is no substitute for a pair of professional eyes inspecting your trees.

Hazardous tree removal

At Palms Trees Service, our experts are trained to understand, identify, and correct all of the hazards any kind of tree may pose. Speaking with an expert and getting professional advice about maintaining your trees is an investment which could save the trauma of serious injury, death, or severe structural damage to your home. Our professional arborists can help you avoid these dangerous situations by inspecting, analyzing, and explaining the upkeep which is necessary. Then, we are fully prepared to tackle any tree maintenance job which may be required.


The Tree MD can identify hazards associated with poorly maintained trees on a day to day basis. Our years of experience have given us the knowledge required to protect your home, family, cars, and other “targets” of falling branches and trees. There is no good reason to allow your trees to become a hazard to you, your family, and your home, especially when The Tree MD is only a phone call away.



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Storm Preparation

Hazardous Tree Removal

Storm preparation is one the many specialized tree services we offer at The Palms Tree Service Inc.


Hazardous Tree Removal

crane service

The Tree MD offers Hazardous tree removal using cranes to remove trees in tight spots or in the residential neighbor hoods.


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