Barrier installation

We guarantee all our root barriers for 15 years. We can do this because each job is inspected for the protection of the tree and the appropriateness of the product. Some trees are not healthy enough for the pruning of roots. Leading to the death of the tree. Installation includes the excavation soil and root pruning of the area needing protection. The barrier is hung like a curtain the length of the area, and the back filled. The barrier contains an enzyme inhibitor involved in root growth at the cellular level.   Water and gas permeable design eliminates pooling a trapping of toxic gasses.

There is no reason to risk having your beautiful plants and trees die after a transplant. Tree transplant and relocation is a deceptively complex and nuanced job which requires attention to detail. Accurate estimates of the depth and diameter of the most crucial root systems varies from plant to plant. Choosing the best new home for your plants and trees is also extremely important. There are also specific nutritional requirements which need to be met once your plant or tree is secured in its new location.

 The Tree MD offers root pruning services for all kinds of Florida plants and trees. The Tree MD also offers root barrier installation to ensure that the roots of your plants don’t bump into places they shouldn’t be. Ensuring that roots are contained can avoid damage to your sidewalks, foundations, and other structures around your property. Consulting an expert early on in the life of a plant can save a huge amount of time, money, and energy later down the road.

Typically, root pruning is executed during a transplant. The unique demands of moving a plant or tree from one location to another require that only certain roots are maintained. Often, the new space is restricted, and root barriers are required to ensure that the plant does not outgrow its new home. The Tree MD has decades of experience in plant and tree relocation and transplant.

From root trimming and pruning, to digging and pulling up, to choice of location and soil support, the experts at The Tree MD have the knowhow to make your transplants successful. Furthermore, we can advice and consult you on the maintenance, fertilization, and watering routines for the new home of your plants. The years of knowledge our business as acquired with all Florida plants can raise the chances that your plants and trees survive the relocation process. Don’t risk it - hire a professional and get the job done right the first time.

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Storm Preparation

Hazardous Tree Removal

Storm preparation is one the many specialized tree services we offer at The Palms Tree Service Inc.


Hazardous Tree Removal

crane service

The Tree MD offers Hazardous tree removal using cranes to remove trees in tight spots or in the residential neighbor hoods.


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