Stumps can be an unsightly nuisance in your yard. However, removing a stump can be extremely difficult. This is because of the extensive root structure and magnificent support system tied to any sizable stump. Remember, the stump once served as the ultimate base support structure for an entire tree, withstanding thousands of pounds of pressure - even under high winds and during extreme storms. This means that there is a good chance your stump is very stubborn.

If this is the case, it is best to hire a professional to grind your stumps. In most cases, you will actually save money by hiring The Tree MD to grind your stump, as opposed to renting a stump grinder because these rentals can be very expensive. The highly specialized equipment used in stump grinding is both high cost and high maintenance. Furthermore, stump grinding is very tedious and can be dangerous for those who are untrained and inexperienced. In fact, even small stump grinders must be hauled on a special trailer and usually weigh over 1000 lbs.

With decades of practice, the trained professionals at The Tree MD can grind a stump into oblivion. By bringing the stump below the level of the ground and covering the surface, your yard will look as good as new, and no hint of the tree stump will remain.

The Tree MD is capable of handling stump grinding from all kinds of trees found in Florida, including oaks and pines. Each size of stump requires specialized gear, and we have all kinds of stump grinders ready to come eliminate your stump problem. Once the stump is ground and covered with soil, space is opened for gardening, additional lawn space, or whatever you like. The remainder of the stump and root system will also decay naturally as time passes, and having the external portion of the stump out of the way is a big step in the right direction.

The Tree MD will send a trained professional to evaluate your stump removal job. Upon inspection, an accurate bid will be given. Then, the job can be undertaken immediately. By covering the stump with soil and cleaning up all debris, The Tree MD will leave your yard looking great.


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